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• 6/4/2013

Looking for Masked beauty.

Only got halberd left as single level SR

I NEED masked beautys, trade all the stuff mentioned above for masked beautys. I also trade a Xapan lv 23 for a similar level masked beauty or lv 10 masked + lv 10ish (could be lower) forneus your pick.

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• 5/29/2013
Have Line or Kik?
• 5/29/2013
I have Gremory and Herse if you're interested in those..
• 5/29/2013

@youbi can you send me pm or add me on face or something? I dont have line nor kik. Or you can posst here what you want from my list and what you can offer.

@Abyss, tell me what you want? Only herse catches my attention a bit, maybe we can work something out.

pd: updated.

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