Angel Tablet

There are nine fragments that must be collected to complete this tablet.

Seven fragments of this tablet are able to be collected from quests. The final two fragments can only be gained from battling another player or having the piece gifted to you.

The pieces are found exclusively in Chapter 16 - Cherub, the Worldly Angel, in Stage 4, in Chapter 17 - Nephilim, the Giant of Purgatory, in Stages 2 and 4, in Chapter 18 - Sandalphon, the Heavenly Watchman, in Stages 2 and 4, and in Chapter 19 - Ouroboros, the Immortal God, in Stages 2 and 4.

Selection of Rewards for Completion (SELECT ONE)
High Carbuncle High Carbuncle High Phoenix High Phoenix Barbatos Barbatos

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